MicroStack Documentation

MicroStack quickly installs OpenStack on a single machine. Supported services are currently Glance, Horizon, Keystone, Neutron (with OVN), and Nova.

The two general scenarios are a single-node install and a multi-node deployment.

Multi-node (or clustering) allows you to install MicroStack on several machines (“nodes”) and combine them together to provide a cluster. At this time the cloud roles that can be assigned to each node are control and compute. A MicroStack cluster can consist of a single control node and multiple compute nodes. Note that a control node also acts as a compute node.

Single-node is simply a single control node. It provides everything you need, including acting as a compute node.

Once you have deployed your desired scenario you can go on to perform native
OpenStack operations such as importing boot images and creating keypairs, networks, and cloud flavors. See the OpenStack documentation.

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