MicroStack Documentation

MicroStack is a modern cloud solution that uses snaps, Juju, and Kubernetes to deploy and manage OpenStack.

Snaps are used to deploy and perform major cluster operations where Juju charmed operators are leveraged internally to manage individual cloud services. Traditional charms oversee the cloud data plane and Kubernetes charms govern the cloud control plane.

Deploying and managing an OpenStack cloud is generally considered to be a challenging endeavour. MicroStack reduces the complexity traditionally imposed upon cloud administrators by automating cloud operations where possible and reaping the benefits of Kubernetes-based API services.

MicroStack is designed from the ground up to accommodate users of varying skill levels. It is appropriate for public, regional, and private clouds, and can satisfy a wide range of use cases: from small single-node development environments through to large multi-node enterprise-grade solutions.

In this documentation

Guides that cover three install modes
How-to guides
Procedural guides covering key operations and common tasks
Supportive technical material for the project
Information of a more theoretical nature

Project and community

MicroStack is an Open Source project that welcomes usage discussion, project feedback, and especially contributions!

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have questions about integrating MicroStack into your own cloud project.

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